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Shavahna Kincade

What's the most sensible thing you've ever heard someone say?
Albert Einstein once said, "Knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world." I have to agree because imagination is a tool to create great possibilities.

What gets you excited about life?
Life is unpredictable, I believe excitement is all around us from the moment we open our eyes. Our passion, compassion, and truth sustains the excitement that keeps love in our hearts alive.

If you had to teach something what would you teach?
I believe my purpose is to help teach a large audience how important renewable energy is to our environment and our financial savings.

How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?
As a child I always asked my mother how old she was? Each year she would say the same thing, "23 and holding". I didn't understand it at that time but, yes I'd have to say I am 23 and holding.

What is your idea of a fun date night?
My husband and I love star gazing on warm date nights. On cold nights we keep warm with a good game of cards.

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