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Julie Cangialosi - 2nd Runner-Up

What's the most sensible thing you've ever heard someone say?
God is not as concerned with our problems, but rather more concerned with how we go through them. It was our faith that called us to help others with our 501(c)(3) nonprofit Operation Little Angel 101: Hope after Loss.

What gets you excited about life?
The dawn of each new day which presents the possibility of the seen and unseen. Life is an adventure. The daily adventure I am on with my family brings joy, whether we are home or traveling around the world.

If you had to teach something what would you teach?
Communication is key. It is the foundation of all relationships: your spouse, children, family and friends. My husband James and I were blessed to start our relationship with open communication while star gazing and climbing the Salcantay trail in Peru.

How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?
I truly believe age is just a number. I have never been happier. I find great joy in my life. I have a loving husband. I have amazing children, and my goal at any age is to always know true happiness.

What is your idea of a fun date night?
Since meeting 12 years ago, James and I have always made sure we have at least 1 date night a week to connect. Even with the pandemic, we were able to have our nights full of laughter and fun. They just looked a little different. We traded our restaurants for finding new recipes and cooking at home together. We traded our theatre nights for long talks on the balcony. We have never had more fun!

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