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Kaycie Lynn Parks

1.When you hear the saying "be the change" what comes to your mind first?
EMPOWERMENT. Be the change that women need. The change that will motivate, inspires and push one to their fullest potential with not wanting anything in return.

2.How would you describe your husband?
Brandon is our protector and believes in my dreams and our children's dream. Our dreams are his.

3.If you could revisit one memory as a child in your mind, what would it be and why?
At the age of 8, I remember being at Disneyland, sitting in a boat, riding through "It's a Small World." Grandma was just as excited as I was. Grandma said, "I hope to come back again." Twenty one years later, I was able to make that happen.

4.How would someone describe you when you were in high school?
I was known as "Miss Bubbly or Miss Positive." Every single day I made it the best. Regardless how rough my day was, I always sure to never let it dull my sparkle.

5.If money did not matter.. what would you buy for your husband and why?
I would plan a vacation of his dreams which is to do a road trip across the United States with our entire family.

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